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Steel Strapping Equipment
MVS ACMEI parnered with TITAN GMBH to offer the exclusive range of Titan steel strapping head to meet various industry needs like steel & metals, paper, auto, engineering and other applications.

Steel strapping systems or machines, the most efficient method for strap application, ensure uniform strap placement and load integrity for high production applications. Available in semi- and fully-automatic models, TITAN Steel strapping systems can be integrated into new or existing production lines.

Combined with Stretch wrapping equipment and corner protection, these systems can provide a complete packaging solution, protecting your products from the hazards of handling, shipping, storage,and stacking. MVS ACMEI suggests power strapping machines for a variety of applications,including baling, bundling, roll-end binding and unitizing.

Plastic Strapping Machines
Plastic Strapping machines cover Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic machines. Semi automatic machines / systems used for low and medium volume applications, automatic strapping machines systems are designed for securing bulk loads of PET or glass bottles as well as, aluminum, steel and composite cans.

These machines works on the principle of is heat seal method to weld the strap together, providing reliable, uniform and high strength seal joints. The high reliable strapping head automatically indexes load to assure tight, secure and accurate strap replacement.

Stretch Wrapping Machines
Stretch wrapping machines apply stretch film to a pallet with tension and / or with mechanical prestretch being applied. Less expensive to purchase, these wrappers get most of its load retention force that keep the load stable for shipment from tension. Thus unstable or very light loads that are susceptible to crushing are not good applications for this level of machine. However, it is very popular for low volume packaging applications (10-50 pallets a day) where precise holding forces are not required.

These Stretch Wrapping machines can be supplied either Semi-Automatic or Fully automatic versions.

Taping machines
The Taping machines, popularly known as Carton sealing machines are designed for closing uniform cartons (i.e. with same height and width) and is an excellent choice for any low to high volume closure needs. There are wide range and variety to cater the different needs of the various market needs. These machines seals both top and bottom simultaneously and fast. The box is driven by two side belts/chain through the machine while the rolling dispensers apply the pressure sensitive tape. After the sealed box is discharged, the machine is ready for the next box. The adjustable to different box sizes is quick and easy.