Industries We Serve

MVS ACMEI offers complete packaging solutions to the Steel and Metals Industry. This consists of steel rolling mills, rod and bar applications, metal service centers, aluminum and other non-ferrous Metals.

MVS ACMEI's product offering includes fabrics, stretch films, corner edge protection, body wrapping materials like buuble guard, geo-fabrics, tapes, labels etc. We offer VCI & non-VCI fabrics and films for special packaging applications.

MVS ACMEI designs, manufactures and supplies strapping tools and semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines to apply these packaging materials. A highly focused parts and service group offers customized service helping to lower your total cost of ownership.

Paper Products
MVS ACMEI offers strapping, stretch films, shrink films, pallets and skids for the pulp & paper industry. We offer equipment, automation and contract packaging services for reels, reams and boxes.

Contract Packing can be offered by MVS ACMEI to include packing labour, total materials supply, equipment, and administration. This enables customers to focus on core activities, whilst at the same time benefiting from process simplification, single point of contact and zero packaging inventories.

MVS ACMEI offers wide range of packaging equipment and consumables consisting of steel/plastic strapping, stretch/shrink films, geo-fabrics etc.

Our stretch wrapping systems use high-speed ring wrapping technology for on line pallet wrapping operations. It can easily be integrated into existing or new conveyor packaging line operations and can handle a wide range of pallet loads.

Distribution & Logistics
MVS ACMEI Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leader in the industrial packaging industry with a strong presence in all segments. The logistics and supply chain applications of our solutions are offered in:
     * WMS – To automate warehouse operations, enhance productivity and reduce cycle time.
     * Material Tracking – To achieve real time visibility of inventory and storage locations.
     * Dispatch Automation – To validate goods, automate dispatch processes to reduce TAT.
     * GPS – To track movement of trucks across the supply chain to alert in case of exceptions.
     * Command Center – 24*7 monitoring of truck movements and critical supply chain processes.

Packaging is the last step in production for you - but it's the first what your customers will see of your product! MVS ACMEI Technologies has therefore developed a wide range of solutions to give our customers the best possible packaging to avoid any manipulation or damage during handling, shipping and storage.

Where ever most reliable packaging is needed - might it be in the Pharmaceutical Distribution Centers or in Manufacturing plants – MVS ACMEI Technologies secures your business with specific packaging solutions. Your products have to be delivered just in time and well protected.