Consumables – Seals & Cord Strapping


Metal seals in various forms and shapes suitable for a specific strapping are available. These metal seals are required to join two strap pieces which are encircled around the packing. Choice of seal will for a specific strapping is depend upon the type of strapping tool or strapping machine selected to apply it. Push type, Open type etc are the few general seals.

A few of the various seals that are available:
  • Closed Seal (Thread-on)
  • Semi Open Seal (Open-Flange)
  • Snap On Seal (Open-type)
  • Over Lap Seal (Pusher-type)
  • Nestack seals (Magazine-type)

Cord Strapping

MVS ACMEI's one-way cord strapping system is made of heavy duty polyester textile fibers. They provide an extremely strong solution to securing products of various dimsnsion and weight with high quality

The special MVS ACMEI Cord Strap is used for heavy duty lashing and 4 times lighter than steel. It provides immense cost and time saving, very safe to use and easy to apply. It is increasingly used to secure cargo in excess of 100 metric tons. Manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarn, MVS ACMEI Cord Strap woven lashing replaces conventional load-restraint products like heavy duty steel strapping, wire rope, chains, ratchet straps and greatly reduces or eliminates the need for wood blocking and bracing. Our woven lashings are accepted and approved by many shipping lines and marine insurance surveyors and adhere to the regulations of international regulatory bodies.