Consumables – Steel Strap

We offer standard and heavy duty high tensile steel strapping for packaging various products like steel coils, boards and wire rod applications etc.

We offer special strapping for lashing / unitization applications also. We developed unique steel strap to provide excellent strength and resistance in heavy-duty industrial applications.

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Product Width x thickness
(In mm)
Break Load
Average – Kgs.
Finish Application
Steel Strap 19.05 x 0.64 1269 10.5 Painted Standard Duty
Steel Strap 19.05 x 0.79 1540 8.5 Waxed Standard Duty
Steel Strap 31.75 x 0.64 2100 6.3 Zinc Heavy Duty
Steel Strap 31.75 x 0.79 2620 5.1 Painted Heavy Duty
Steel Strap 31.75 x 0.89 2890 4.6 Waxed Heavy Duty