Packaging System – Taping Machines

The Taping machines, popularly known as Carton sealing machines are designed for closing uniform cartons (i.e. with same height and width) and is an excellent choice for any low to high volume closure needs. There are wide range and variety to cater the different needs of the various market needs. These machines seals both top and bottom simultaneously and fast. The box is driven by two side belts/chain through the machine while the rolling dispensers apply the pressure sensitive tape. After the sealed box is discharged, the machine is ready for the next box. The adjustable to different box sizes is quick and easy.
Some of the salient features are:
     * Automatic box centering
     * Single Motor Drive to both side Arms to have a smooth synchronism
     * Easily replaceable (EPOXY coated / Zinc plated ) taping heads
     * Higher productivity with box conveying speed of 21mtr/min
     * Simple in design & sturdy construction requires minimum maintenance