Packaging System – Plastic Strapping

Plastic Strapping machines cover Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic machines. Semi automatic machines / systems used for low and medium volume applications, automatic strapping machines systems are designed for securing bulk loads of PET or glass bottles as well as, aluminum, steel and composite cans.

These machines works on the principle of is heat seal method to weld the strap together, providing reliable, uniform and high strength seal joints. The high reliable strapping head automatically indexes load to assure tight, secure and accurate strap replacement.

This rugged strapping head is designed to be maintenance friendly and to ensure low cost operation. All functions are PLC controlled to tie into existing conveyor and production systems.

Our Plastic strapping systems and machines are built with innovative unitization techniques that maximize transportation space utilization, increased safety and performance with low energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Aggregates plastic strap friction welded joint


Strapping aggregate with friction welded joint.

Aggregates plastic strap thermo-weld joint

VK10 K50-13M

Strapping aggregate with thermo-weld joint.