Packaging Equipment – Steel Strapping

MVS ACMEI parnered with TITAN GMBH to offer the exclusive range of Titan steel strapping head to meet various industry needs like steel & metals, paper, auto, engineering and other applications.  
Steel strapping systems or machines, the most efficient method for strap application, ensure uniform strap placement and load integrity for high production applications. Available in semi- and fully-automatic models, TITAN Steel strapping systems can be integrated into new or existing production lines.

Combined with Stretch wrapping equipment and corner protection, these systems can provide a complete packaging solution, protecting your products from the hazards of handling, shipping, storage,and stacking. MVS ACMEI suggests power strapping machines for a variety of applications,including baling, bundling, roll-end binding and unitizing.
TITAN steel strapping systems have the world's best patented range of strapping head which has Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding process widely used in the automotive industry around the world. The welds are made contactless by an electric arc under inert gas. A Tungsten electrode strikes the arc which melts and joints the two overlapped strap parts.

These strapping heads ideally suited for heavy-duty applications requiring extremely high strap tensions and joint efficiencies. In addition, the small base plate allows for the strapping of small packages.

TITAN Strapping Head is particularly suitable for:
  *  Strapping of steel coils around the circumference
  *  Strapping of steel coils through the eye
  *  Slit coils with low winding height (i.e. very small flat surfaces)
  *  Slit steel coils that are stacked without wooden layers
  *  Tube bundles with small flat surfaces
  *  Bundles of tube sections
  *  Wire bundles and coils
  *  A variety of heavy packages

Advantages of the spot weld joint:
  *  Maximum safety through double welds
  *  Delivering sealing performances of up to 90% of the breaking load of the strap
  *  Safe, electronically controlled operation of the electrode
  *  Full penetration welding
  *  Cold and flat joint, limiting possible damage to the package
  *  No transfer of heat onto the package during the welding process
  *  Suitable for use with stainless steel strap