Services - Field Audits

At MVS ACMEI, we offer packaging consultancy to customers to have truly global cost reduction and technical support services. High performing companies use MVS ACMEI Consulting to bring together company knowledge from around the world to develop global packaging initiatives that reduce cost and optimize manufacturing and supply chain processes. We offer a number of services to our clients to help increase the benefits of sharing knowledge across multiple continents.

We provide best in class - benchmarking, strategic sourcing and material consolidation in projects. It is also developing a business function that will allow clients to outsource all packaging cost reduction work and aim to be the preferred packaging consultancy for the Steel & Metals industry.

We conduct the value chain study through our consultancy services to arrive at the packaging need which involves:
     * The study of your product applications
     * The study Pack styles you are presently using
     * The Study of the materials specifications & cost / Units rates you are incurring
     * The review of Packaging,handling & storage methods you are adopting
     * The review of Loading, Bracing / Lashing methods you are applying on transport Media
     * The type Transport you are deploying and
     * The Review of your end customer Handling, Storage & Unpacking

The above process helps us to understand what goes into your packaging requirement and helps us to design, test & recommend optimum packaging.

Packaging Audits

A packaging audit assignment inolves comprehensive testing of your current packaging methods as well as the design and testing of alternative packaging systems. All work is conducted at certified labs or in the field at customer sites.

Tests include Compression, Impact, Stacking, Rough Handling, Drop, Cobb, Pressure and Environmental & Rough Handling and Accelerated Weathering and Transport Conditioning testss

The tests are documented and our engineers provide you with complete reports documenting the process before, during & after conditions of the Test Packs & a written report including our recommendations.

We will help you to discover how to streamline your oerations while improving load performance / security.