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MVS ACMEI Packaging Division

MVS ACMEI TECHNOLOGIES is a leading manufacturer of strap, laminated logo fabrics, stretch film, corner protection, adhesive tapes and other protective packaging consumables, equipment, and integrated packaging lines. The company’s products and services are used to protect the goods during production, transport and warehousing.

MVS ACMEI has got technical collaboration and engineering support from Titan Gmbh Germany and offers the TITAN range of steel strapping and plastic strapping equipment and related solutions. MVS ACMEI partnered with global packaging companies and provides packaging equipment and consumables as leading packaging / consumables suppliers across steel and metals and various other sectors.

With 25+ years of rich global experience, we offer innovative packaging products, packaging consumables, contract packaging services to industrial customers.

We manufacture straps, laminated fabrics with and without logos, VCI fabrics, stretch film, angle board, plastic ID/OD corner edge protection, steel ID/OD corner edge protection, HDPE and filament tapes with adhesive. We supply wooden, steel plastic recyclable pallets and skids.

These packaging products are used to hold, unitize, protect and secure shipments during storage, warehousing, transport, loading and unloading.

Our company is known for innovative packaging equipment consumables and solutions. We manufacture semi-automatic and automatic steel and plastic strapping machines, stretch wrapping machines, conveying systems with online / offline weighing, labeling with track and trace automation.

We manufacture all kinds of conveying systems like roller, chain and belt conveyors. We integrate customer's existing and new product lines with packaging systems and solutions.

We have employed more than a thousand personnel who have specialized in offering packaging equipment and contract packaging services.

What We Do

     * Selection of right Packaging consumables, Equipment and Tools and Tackles
     * Selection of right Storage and warehousing practices
     * Selection of right handling equipment & transport media So that you will excel in
     * Better arrival condition of your products
     * Making your operations more productive
     * Reduction to your total costs
     * We will exceed your expectations      * With the highest quality reliable products
     * With experienced sales and Consulting engineers at your door step
     * With Trained Service team availability
     * 24x7 basis ( on site / off site )
     * By ensuring service and parts availability on demand