Corner Protection

Corner Protectors for Steel & Aluminium Coils

MVS ACMEI has specially developed edge protectors to protect coils quality from damages due to internal and external handling and transportation.

Our coil protectors are made from multi-purpose Propylene / PolyEthylene with high impact resistance. We also offer outer edge protectors, coil protectors in paper board, CR steels, galvanized steels. MVS ACMEI also offers coil ID edge protectors in HR / CR steel.

Rubber Skids for Steel Coils

MVS ACMEI offers rubber skids in partnership with Ema Rubber Industries for steel coil protection. Our Rubber Skid is a Solid Rubber Support/Pad/Saddle that cradles the steel coil, providing shock absorption and cushioning to the steel coil during transport, loading or warehousing.

Principles of Safe Coil Movement


Anytime a vehicle increases speed, slows down, or changes direction, the steel coil also wants to move. The steel coil will exert forces on the support during braking, acceleration, or even road bumps. It is imperative that the support be able to absorb these forces for safer coil movement.

Features & Benefits

  • Shock Absorption
  • Vibration Absorption and Cushioning
  • Load Spread over a Greater Surface Area
  • Not two sections but a single piece of rubber
  • Replaces Wooden (expensive) Supports
  • Transporters Love Them
  • Cradles Coils of Different Diameters
  • Excellent for Warehousing

Our Offerings

Plan 8" Rubber Skid 10" Rubber Skid 12" Rubber Skid Rubber Bed
Weight Rating 5 - 15 tonnes 15 - 25 tonnes 25- 30 tonnes 5 - 25 tonnes
Diameter Upto 1500 mm Upto 1500 mm Upto 2100 mm Upto 1600 mm
Minimum no. of pcs per coil 2 2 2 1
Guarantee 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years