Strapping Machines

Equipment Solutions for Steel Mills & Metals Industry

MVS ACMEI Industrial Packaging division specializes in the design & manufacture of cuustomized Automatic Strapping Machines and Material Handling systems for the steel mills & steel processing industry. Applications range from circumferential and through-the-eye strapping for large coils in HR, CR mills and slit coils in service centres and Unitizing and Strapping Solutions for long products like wire rod coils, sections, bar & rod products, tubes and pipes in metals industry.

Working with suppliers of the world's finest strapping heads, MVS ACMEI offers the best solution to all strapping requirements. Service and parts on every machine sold are available directly from MVS ACMEI Industrial Packaging division.

TITAN Welded Joint

MVS ACMEI recommends highly reliable welded strap joint technology from TITAN. Using the TIG process, the VS-32 strapping head creates a welded joint without contact between the electrode and the strapping.
Using an inert atmosphere of Argon, the head can seal painted or blued strapping at joint efficiencies up to 90% with no mechanical seal or wearing sealing dies.

Advantages of the TIG Weld Joint

  • Maximum safety with a double welded joint (two weld locations), providing seal performances up to 90% of the breaking load of the strapping.
  • Electronically controlled welding operation provides full weld penetration on painted strapping.
  • No transfer of heat on to the package during welding.
  • Flat seal joint allows strap on strap applications and ensure joint integrity even with crushing damage caused by handling.
  • Meets Indian Railways, AAR and ASTM standards.

VS31 Steel Strapping Head

  • For use with steel strapping up to 1 1/4" wide
  • 3-notch punch joint effectively prevents the strap from reopening
  • Pneumatic configuration
  • The sealing performance of the joint achieves approximately 85% of the breaking load of the strap

VS32 Steel Strapping Head

  • For use with steel strapping up to 1 1/4" wide
  • Double spot weld joint, up to 90% efficiency
  • Pneumatic configuration
  • No transfer of heat on to the package during the welding process