Consumables – PET Strap

MVS ACMEI offers both hand grade and machine grade medium and high strength PP/PET strapping to park various industrial products. PP / PET helps you to recycle 100% of your strapping needs and is environment friendly.

PET strapping can potentially replace all steel strapping applications except hot coils and helps you greatly reduce your per pack packaging cost. PET strapping has elasticity, this helps to hold soft pallets even better than steel strapping. PET/PP strapping is most idle when you are packaging products at room temperature.

We have a wide range of PET / PP strapping tools and machines to offer you automatic packaging solutions.
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Advantages of PET strapping

Savings: Polyester's unique qualities make it one of the best strapping materials to use for securing any type of palletized or unitized load. Depending on the size of steel strapping currently being used, polyester strapping will provide savings in strapping costs. Polyester can eliminate the need for metal seals in certain applications which provides additional savings and reduces product damage that might occur through the use of other packaging alternatives.

Ease of Disposal: Polyester strapping can be easily disposed of by rolling or bending. Also, it can be cut into small pieces and accumulated for recycling.

Elongation Recovery: Polyester strapping provides approximately 2% elongation at normal work tension, which allows the materials to stretch. The strapping will recover this elongation however, keeping the strapping tight around the package even if the load settles and shrinks in size.

Moisture & UV Resistant: Because it is plastic, it is moisture resistant and therefore unaffected by rusting that might occur with other packaging alternatives which may stain or affect the quality of your product before it gets to its destination. Our polyester strapping is also UV resistant to protect strapping from long periods of exposure to the sun.

Product Width X Thickness
In mm
Break Load
Average - kgs
PET Strap 15.62 x .76 495 1388 Standard Duty
PET Strap 15.62 x .89 603 1193 Heavy Duty
PET Strap 15.62 x 1.0 706 1055 Heavy Duty
PET Strap 19.05 x 1.27 1058 728 Heavy Duty